Hey folks, I'm back wanting to share a new mini-tutorial series on Versatility I've put together.

A lot of time DJs, like any performing art, can develop "muscle imbalances" in how they perform. Example: preferring a given method of beatmatching or beatmixing, cue button to count, jogwheel use.

Each time we drill the techniques we build motor memory which can allow us to go on auto-pilot and ascend to finer elements in the DJ performance. However, it can also lead to trouble when the setting isn’t perfect causing a bit of panic if your reliable method of mixing now longer works.

Imagine you arrive at an event to find out “DJ Slammer” has slammed all the functionality out of the cue button or busted the channel 1 volume fader and your up next to perform. If the show needs to go on, how will you adapt?

These are the type of scenarios we want to emulate and practice for in the Versatility series!

It's free to enroll on Udemy if you're interested: https://www.udemy.com/course/l2dj-versatility/?referralCode=B9F9A3649C21948D6CC5